Full List of Features

An audioplayer and word processor in one

Medword is packaged with an audioplayer which has five speeds and all other standard controls. The audioplayer is operated with the number pad and does not need a footpedal.

A large dictionary

Medword has a large searchable dictionary of more than 150,000 medical terms and up-to-date drug names, and also a smaller sub-dictionary of phonetic spellings -- more than 50,000 definitions.


You can bring up a list of much longer medical terms and drug names with as little as one keystroke. Press Tab, and the selected word will be entered right into the body of your document. Customize your search settings to suit your needs.


Medword's spellcheck uses all the words from its searchable dictionary.

Automatic File Saving

Medword saves documents with every keystroke.

Document Statistics

Based on the AHDI 65-character per line standard, Medword counts both lines and words as they are entered into the document.

Medical Template Management

Medword is equipped with a medical template manager, which stores the user's font-styled text on a database for later use.

Lightweight Audioscripting

At a lightweight 3.76 MB, Medword will not slow down your computer.

Employs .Net 3.0 Framework

The .Net framework is used to run Microsoft Office, and it is used to run Medword too. It is natively supported in on all Windows OSes back to Windows 98.


The all-in-one audioscripting tool, made for medical transcriptionists

 Lightweight audioscripting software (4 MB)
 Employs the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework,   natively supported on most Windows OSes
 Adds no foreign libraries
 Contains an audioplayer which supports .wav, .mp3 and other formats
 Audioplayer and document field in one -- no alt-tabbing to your player
 150,000-word medical dictionary
 Partial phonetic dictionary based on consonants
 Intellisense-style word completion feature and adjustable search parameters
 Audioplayer operates by hotkeys; no footpedal required
 License fee of $30 purchases lifetime rights to the software for up to two machines, including any updates or plugins
 Windows 1998, ME, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 compatible
 Efficient, easy to install, easy to operate

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